The Charming House in the heart of Rome

Surrounded by the luxurious vegetation of the Baths of Caracalla, Pepoli9 is a refined and timelessly charming retreat. Restored to its old beauty by notes of color that enhance its cheery design, the villa boasts elegant and comfortable spaces furnished with style and taste. Located at a close distance from Rome’s most important and celebrated monuments, Pepoli9 is the perfect home to spend a romantic weekend with your other half. 

The beauties of the Eternal City

Pepoli9 is located in the colorful atmosphere of Rome’s lively historical center, amid its countless churches, museums, and magical streets. The strategic position, elegant interiors, and modern-day facilities make our guest-house the right location for a relaxing Roman holiday. Pepoli9 is the perfect place to have breakfast on a terrace overlooking the Baths, rest after a day of walking, and enjoy the beauties of the Eternal City.