Freshest ingredients of the land and sea are treated with deep respect, gastronomic touches add a subtle veil of flavours, all is in perfect balance.

Chef Giuseppe D’Abundo’s tasting menu is a showcase of culinary versatility, anticipate local snapper, rockfish and crustaceans presented crudo, tossed and cooked. 

Among the most typical and traditional dishes we will taste Pennoni pasta with Neapolitan ragout and the Ischia style rabbit “pasta and main course”.

Let Salvatore, the Maitre, select wine pairings and you will be treated to a virtual tour around Italy’s more interesting producers with some Ischian highlights, perhaps ending with an aromatic Rucolino  from Ischia, our most typical liquor.

We suggest you to make a reservation in order to secure your table. A casual-elegant dress code is recommended at both restaurants.