Chef Giuseppe D’Abundo loves to pay homage to his native Ischia through his cooking. A long-standing member of staff – he’s been at Mezzatorre since 1998, becoming Executive Chef in 2008 – the culinary maven approaches his menus as subtle reinterpretations of traditional flavours, creating dishes that reflect the local gastronomic canon while elevating it in simple yet refined ways. 

That approach shines brighter in D’Abundo’s fish-based and pasta dishes, for which the Chef selects only the freshest catch and the most premium of ingredients, with an eye towards sustainability and seasonal produce. His crowd-pleasers are too many to count, but ask him directly what he’s most proud of and he’ll likely mention his “scialatielli ai quattro pomodori” – an unpretentious primo with a tangy tomato sauce – and elemental “crudi di pesce” – raw fish platters – two creations that, in their humbleness, never fail to deliver an unforgettable meal. 

Guests can try D’Abundo’s inventive fare at the laidback Ristorante & Bar La Baia or the more upscale Ristorante La Torre – both special, only-in-Ischia dining experiences that are certainly worth travelling for.