Dash over to Capri or Procida, sail around Ischia, or catch a fish at sunrise. 

Sail for the day around Ischia, exploring blue water caves and stretches of sea you’ll have all to yourself.

Alternatively, hop on a speedboat for a visit to Ischia’s nearest neighbours, rugged and fashionable Capri, and Procida, the smallest island in the Campanian Archipelago.

In search of a thrill? Leave at sunrise with the Ischian fishing fleet, and learn all about currents, baits and fishing techniques from your fisherman guide. Anything you catch can be cooked on an island bay or back at Mezzatorre.

Adventure lovers might opt instead for dolphin watching with a biologist. The all-day expedition will make use of ultrasounds to spot the mammals’ activities, for an experience worthy of the National Geographic.

Snorkelling and diving off the Ischian coast are richly fascinating experiences too – all the more so around the ruins of Aenaria, an old Roman town dating from the fourth century that sank after a volcanic eruption followed by disastrous earthquakes and tsunamis. It is located in the Bay of Cartaromana, in the strip of sea between the Aragonese Castle and the rocks of Sant’Anna, across the town of Ischia Ponte.

All our underwater expeditions are accompanied by expert biologist/geologist, to make these truly revelatory experiences.