A deep dive into the Green Island, from trekking to botanical gardens


In the company of a volcanologist, hike up to the peak of Mount Epomeo and down into a volcanic crater.

For anyone interested in natural phenomena, flora and hiking we have expert guides who will lead you. Take a five hour, six km trek to the top of Mount Epomeo, emerged as a result of the intense volcanic activity of Ischia. Enjoy a breathtaking view over the Gulf of Naples at the peak.

Walk to the lip of a volcanic crater then make your descent to the centre, past vents, pausing to analyse volcanic rocks and magnifying crystals to admire nature’s astonishing beauty. A fascinating 3 hours, 3 km trek.

An easier 1km trek is equally fascinating where you learn how to cook with natural volcanic heat. Collect herbs en route, bury and bake lunch, and enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea while it is cooking. 



While Sir William Walton composed, his wife Lady Susana Walton, landscaped an enchanted garden.

La Mortella is an acclaimed botanical gardens, magically springing out from a volcanic rock face. It was originally landscaped by Russell Page in 1956 on Lady Walton’s brief, and so the form of two levels was conceived, ‘The Valley’ and ‘The Hill’. All is connected by a series of paths leading to a final breathtaking view across Forio bay.  The gardens are filled with rare orchids, and a cascade of fountains and pools to cultivate exquisite lotus and lilies.

In summer evenings La Mortella stages concerts in the open air, against the glorious backdrop of the glittering bay.