On the trail of the grape harvest, a family lunch among rows of vines, chestnut woods and local crops


The green island is known for its rich and diverse landscape and can offer a variety of entertaining activities: relaxing by the sea, touring the island by boat to discover the most hidden bays, hiking- up trails and trekking through the different mountains that dominate the island; the possibilities are plenty.

Our experience is a 5-hour journey on Mount Epomeo, among the rows of vines and wooded paths, to discover the products of the undergrowth typical of the autumn period, chestnuts and mushrooms. A transfer will take you from the hotel to the starting point of the excursion where you will be guided by an expert biologist to the highest part of the island, the top of Mount Epomeo. You will stop for a while to enjoy and take in the scenic panorama, overlooking the island from above, covered with hectares of vineyards and wrapped with the green and crystalline waters of the sea.  You will also occasionally spot local farmers engaged in the harvest during September and October.

From this highest point begins the path down into the woods, for the collection of chestnuts. The journey ends at the home of a farmer family immersed in the woods and surrounded by vineyards and expanses of local crops. With the help of the hosts, you can personally try your hand at grilling the harvested chestnuts and preparing grilled mushrooms picked in the wood.

The menu includes fresh seasonal products from the surrounding fields and accompanied by Novello wine, typical of the autumn period.


Terms and conditions 

Overall duration

  • 5 hours

Travel times

  • 45 minutes


  • 1 pax € 450,00 VAT inc.
  • 2 pax € 210,00 VAT inc.
  • 3 pax € 150,00 VAT inc.
  • 4 pax € 120,00 VAT inc.
  • 5 pax € 110,00 VAT inc.
  • 6 pax € 90,00 VAT inc.

Prices are per person.


  • Transfer by private car from the Mezzatorre Hotel & Thermal Spa to the beginning of the A / R path
  • Biologist guide
  • Harvesting of chestnuts
  • Light lunch in a mountain chalet
  • Grilled mushrooms and chestnuts with tasting of new wine


  • Waterproof jacket
  • Trekking or comfortable shoes
  • Comfortable clothing and long trousers
  • Cap
  • Water

Difficulty level

  • Medium