Zip over to neighbouring Procida and Capri, join the dawn fishermen, sail around Ischia or search out the dolphins.

Sail for the day around Ischia, jumping into the sea, exploring blue water caves.  Take a speed boat for a visit to Ischia’s nearest neighbours, rugged and fashionable Capri, and Procida, the smallest island in the Campanian Archipelago.

Leave at sunrise with the Ischian fishing fleet, your fisherman guide will share his knowledge of currents, bait and technique. Anything you catch can be cooked on an island bay or back at Mezzatorre. 

Dolphin watching with an informative biologist who uses ultra sounds to spot the activity. This is an all day expedition with a 90% chance of seeing the dolphins’ extraordinary fishing strategy as half the team herd fish into a canyon, and the other half wait at the end to eat them. The team at back never eat the fish, as it spoils the hunt.